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Brand Lifestyle

Your products are more than just your products; they are part of your ideal customer’s lifestyle. When potential customers are choosing your products, they are also choosing your colours, your style and your unique expression. They are choosing your brand.

Lifestyle branding shoots can vary from simple table-top set-ups with your product to larger productions involving models, location shooting and set construction. Whatever the scale of the production, lifestyle shoots help potential customers understand the value of your products by showing them how they will feel when they purchase your goods. They see your products in action and, therefore, how their lives will be easier, better or more fun.

Working Approach

My approach to shooting lifestyle brands is that no detail is too small. First of all, I work closely and consult with the business owner, art director or your marketing team to understand what is most important about your specific company and brand.

Secondly, I ensure the styling, set design, casting and lighting work together to bring out the best in your product.

Finally, with over a decade of experience in lighting, staging sets and working on large-scale commercial productions, I can bring all the elements together to help you define and express your brand.

paintball advertisement a forest is painted blue while a hand waves white underwear to surrender

Distinct Looks that showcase your style

Every client is unique and your photography should be too. I work with each client to craft a distinct visual identity.

prosthesis, the human controlled, electric walking machine rests in the desert at dawn
prosthesis, the human controlled, electric walking machine rests in the desert at dawn
lone prison guard stands surrounded by 70 inmates wearing red

Next Steps

Interested in seeing how a brand lifestyle shoot can help promote your business? A great way to start the conversation about your company needs is with a free consultation. I would be happy to sit down with you and your team to discuss your business goals and see how I can help.

A consultation is always free of charge and of course, you are under no obligation to move forward. Fill out your details below and I will be in contact within 24 hours.

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